28 January 2014

Western Greyhound Darts

It has always amazed me that Western Greyhound have never had any Dennis Darts in their fleet, when they are by far the most popular single deckers out there (by popular I mean sheer numbers sold). They did have a few on loan from Stagecoach after last years fire which must have made a reasonable impression at least.

Three Dennis Darts have now joined WG to replace buses lost in last weeks fire at Liskeard: NA52AWJ, NA52AWP and KN52NFO

The three Varios destroyed by the fire are confirmed as 568/575/582

Western Greyhound 568 WK54BHO Western Greyhound 575 YX54GYY Western Greyhound 582 WK03DAD 15 December 2010

British Bus Bugle: One wonders how many of the bus routes to be cut might become economic to run if pensioners paid towards the cost of transporting them around.

Public Transport Experience: Whiteball tunnel has suffered through weathering, water ingress and sulphate attack leading to degradation of the mortar joints

Focus Transport:Stagecoach Group reported that revenue from its megabus.com operations in North America increased by more than 20% in the six months ended 31 October 2013,

Ensign Vintage my first picture which shows the Christmas weather at its 'finest' and one of the vintage vehicles out working on an emergency rail replacement just before Christmas Eve.

Ian Visits: Route 9 also runs heritage Routemaster buses between Kensington High Street and Trafalgar Square. It’s one of the two routes in London to run with heritage Routemaster buses, but soon maybe not for much longer

Public Transport Experience: Now fbb could always cope with paying money to a man in a peaked cap in a little hut and has moved on to learn how to handle machines. The old man reckons he might be able to pay by credit or debit card; but "Pay by Phone" ...

Public Transport Experience: When remonstrations from domestic authorities challenged the wisdom of so much beckside time with occasional wet feet and muddy frocks, the girls announced that they had been playing with the fairies.

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  1. graham it was KN52 NFR NOT NFO. sorry for the mix up


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