05 January 2014

Time to wake up and greet a new year

My Christmas Holiday is coming to an end. Over the next few days I will be working on my new year predictions and also having a closer look at what you have said on my questionnaire. I have not had a proper look at it yet, but I can see that there are well over 100 responses which is great. Thank you all for joining in. It is still open if you have not completed it yet: Click Here

The only other bit of ‘news’ to report for this posting is that all being well today sees the full batch of Red Flash Enviros out into service at last. I am sure I will have a few pictures to bring you later in the week!

Not all blogs closed down for the Christmas period, so to catch up on a few posts of interest that have caught my eye over the last couple of weeks…

Public Transport Experience: Apparently the on-train and on-platform announcement computers had been prophesying universal doom and disaster for any brainless commuters who might be foolish enough to commute.

Public Transport Experience: The lad is by no means thick but it was complete news to him that he was a customer of "Mainline West" trains. Perhaps a little "brand re-inforcement" is needed?

Public Transport Experience: A number of fully refurbished First buses will be making a colourful entrance in Southampton over next few weeks. To reflect the official colour of the City of Southampton

Public Transport Experience: The booklet is 66 pages long and contains not a single timetable! Having waded through its pages of overarching clarity (?) the potential commuter then has three further options. 1. Go "on-line" - if you dare! 2. Ring National Rail enquiries. 3. Stay in Bed

Public Transport Experience; In a farago of technological brainlessness, National Rail also tells us that there isno reported service disruption despite the fact that everything is disrupted.|

Public Transport Experience: As part of the season of goodwill, turkey and mince pies, we'll RIP YOU OFF for your bus travel from the airport!

Public Transport Experience:The Corporation Transport Department general manager was "secretary" of the joint committee thus ensuring that all was properly co-ordinated and presented as a unified network

Public Transport Experience Weston Favell District Centre was opened in 1974. It took the name of a nearby village which had been progressively swallowed up by the town.

Public Transport Experience: Wagon load freight was becoming uneconomic and the yard closed in stages from 1985, less than 20 years after opening.

Public Transport Experience: Whilst readers may recognise this vehicle as formerly carrying the name "Samuel Ledgard", they may not know that the company was, latterly, called "The Executors of Samuel Ledgard Ltd"

Public Transport Experience In the mid sixties (?) it was announced that all trams would be withdrawn from city centre streets (as in pic above courtesy Northampton correspondent). There was uproar! In fact, routes within the heart-shaped historic city were moved underground

Public Transport Experience The service began in 1975. Operation of the service was contracted to the incumbent operator, United Counties, which chose to operate it under its existing and expensive wage agreements with drivers.

Transport Illustrated back in Spring I headed up to Worcestershire for my only visit of the year to the Transport Museum, Wythall, home of BaMMOT and as fine a regional collection of buses and coaches as one could wish for.

PTOTPA: In just over a year's time, a scene like this will be just a memory; a trio of A-Line Coaches Mercedes minibuses lined up for battle!

Random Streets Frankfurt is undoubtedly the leading financial centre within the Eurozone.  It is home not only to Germany's banking and financial services sector, but also to the European Central Bank.

More to follow next time!

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