20 December 2013

Swooped 439

Milehouse has seen an influx of double deckers this year many of which will enter service early next year with 8 new Enviros almost ready now and a batch of 20 Volvo B7s from London which are still arriving. I believe there are just three left to come down now as three arrived just yesterday. I hope to bring the full listing with fleet numbers where known fairly shortly. In the meantime one of the last batch is now in service 439 caught on camera by Richard Smith:

©Richard Smith


  1. Frustrating - the eight new Enviros are branded up for Red Flash and ready to hit the streets but DVLA still haven't provided the necessary paperwork. They will now sit sad and lonely in the yard until January. Eleven more pre-owned double deck buses have arrived from London. Will get the fleet and reg numbers to Graham so he can update his fleet list, when I get a few minutes to wander around the yard.

  2. See 439 with front stairs still has centre door and 440 and 442 are parked up with Citybus legals and new fleet numbers on London livery. Is this a change of policy?

    1. I think it could be that they just want to get them out as soon as possible! Given the 4 deckers removed from the 21/21A for the 32, in my view the sooner they're on the road the better!

  3. 440 and 442 and some others are going onto schools in london livery so they can carry on with the centre door conversions on the current ex london deckers. the EVL AND PVL variants, then when they are all done then they will start on the latest batch.


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