05 December 2013

In and Out

With so many new double decker's entering service in Plymouth over the last year or so, its easy to forget just how rare new double deckers have been down here for many years. One batch delivered back in 1992 have always been popular K801-4ORL the very smart and comfortable Volvo Olympians new to Western National for use on the X80. It was a fitting tribute to these fine buses that K803ORL was in use on the last day of that service. Sadly all good things come to an end and today we hear confirmation that the first of the batch 34001 K801ORL went to scrap a couple of weeks ago. First 34001 K801ORL 22 February 2011
February 2011
But, like I said there are plenty of new double decker's in Plymouth these days. The next batch of Enviros for Plymouth Citybus have started to arrive with 509 WF63LYT 510 WF63LYU delivered yesterday and 511 WF63LYV and 512 WF63LYW due today, the others following 2 each day.

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  1. Odd thing on VOSA today. First registration service number 777, Start Railway Station, Finish Railway Station, via City centre/west Hoe. Start date 29th Jan 2014 end date 31 Jan 2014. I am sure this is an error re end date as they would not run for 3 days only? Is this a rival to Citybus 25 or a VOSA trick, perhaps Railway station, west Hoe, Citycentre then on somewhere else (plympton perhaps!) Can't see First only doing a short 25 run? If this is Another route to start obviously First mus be happy with the way things are goig on 6 and 3a then?

  2. I heard mel williams of the cornwall bus preservation group bought it. hope so it was the very first volvo olympian off the factory floor.

  3. sorry graham but your information is incorrect. 801 is still in the back yard of plymouth depot.

  4. Thanks for the comments - it does indeed appear that the bus was sold on to Alpha Recovery then sold on for preservation rather than for scrap. I am more than happy to be wrong on this occasion as it would be good to see this bus live on in preservation!

  5. K803 ORL 34003 still on Torpoints by looks of it, nice to see still one in service


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