23 August 2013

Jim Goddard


My little tribute to in all honesty, one of the greatest men I ever had the privileged to know. His advice given to me over the last 10+ years will undoubtedly stay with me forever. He has been a true inspiration to me, and I intend to honour this as I progress through life. Without his guidance, who knows where I might be now. Rest in peace Mr Goddard, one of life's true gentleman's gentleman. 

As some of you may know, Jim Goddard of A-Line Coaches passed away this week. I don't think I can add anything more than point you in the direction of Laurence Mayhew’s personal tribute on his blog which sums up why he was held in so much respect both within the business and more importantly within his own community.

Please head over to his blog to read the full tribute: P T O T P A

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