30 August 2013

Citybus–all of them!

I don't quite know how well this will work as its a massive image but hopefully it wont take too long to load on your computers...
This is an almost up to date snapshot of the whole current Plymouth Citybus fleet. Its a screen dump of my Flickr set which now finally matches up with my online Fleet List for Plymouth Citybus. You can see how the tide is now turning with a fair proportion of the fleet now in the red swoops.

The full Flickr set to view all photos is HERE The fleet list is HERE

There are a few not quite up to date pics where buses have recently been repainted and I believe I am missing a couple of the coaches but otherwise this is the whole fleet!

Fleetlist  Plymouth Citybus   a set on Flickr


  • The city's transport system comprises a metro, numerous tram lines and bus services. Much of the transport network is operated by Wiener Linien, a subsidiary of Vienna's city corporation. Random Streets 27 August
  • Despite "une grande manifestation de protestation à Meistratzheim le 11 avril 1954", the line closed in 1955 to be replaced by a bus service. All trams were withdrawn from the streets of Strasbourg in 1960. Public Transport Experience 27 August
  • Re-enactment usually conjures up images of ruddy faced men wearing civil war garb. Yet a holiday in Bournemouth allowed A40 man to retrace his steps of 1991, perhaps to see if longer-distance bus services across Dorset and Wiltshire have changed that much since then as a possible measure of the health of bus services. Omnibuses 28 August
  • This part shows three coaches and a coach converted into a mobile fish and chip shop! All of the operators included are no longer around. Andys Bus Blog 29 August
  • On his way to prepare for the Rotherham 100th celebrations, fbb decided to don his heavy disguise, to empty his mind of previous knowledge and to attempt a journey over the Supertram route that was being relaid Public Transport Experience 29 August
  • For our latest two part Out & about photo special we are heading to the South Coast and across the Solent to the Isle Of Wight Andys Bus Blog 29 August

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