01 August 2013

A very happy bus

As a bit of a light hearted breather from current and future events we start the month of August off with a musical treat!

You will of course recognise the true star of the show as Plymouth Citybus 358 ably assisted by Brian George on the day, who apparently had a great time!

The band is Mad Dog McRea – they are great live so keep an eye out for them.


  • Whenever and wherever I’ve seen one of my few Streetlites, I have to say that it has struck me as something akin to a Tonka Toy-type design. You know, trying to make a statement but in a chunky sort of way. Not handsome. Omnibuses 30 July
  • Can there be any good thing come out of Rotherham? Certainly the town would not feature at the top of a "must see" list of places in the UK worthy of an extended visit; although the heavy industry featured in the picture above has almost all gone. Public Transport Experience 30 July
  • Indeed, the opportunities given by the Transit—and later 608D and Daily—were responsible for the biggest single marketing-led repositioning the bus industry has ever seen, even to this day. And it all began with chassis cabs from Southampton. Omnibuses 31 July
  • From last weekend, First Bus introduced a new network in Taunton; so fbb decided to visit (Monday 29th July) to see what has happened and, in particular, to see if roadside information has improved Public Transport Experience 31 July

1 comment:

  1. mikehudson pctpg1 August 2013 at 19:41

    love it! surprised brian wasn't in the video! wot wiv him being in a band himself!


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