11 July 2013

Swooped WJ52GOE

The latest Dart to be ‘swooped’ is 64 which has lost the Citaro version of Citybus livery, although we still have plenty left on the older red & white versions. Looks very smart.

Plymouth Citybus 064 WJ52GOE
©Richard Smith July 2013
Plymouth Citybus 064 WJ52GOE
June 2008

Plymouth Citybus 064 WJ52GOE
March 2007


  1. Coming soon to a bus lane, cycle lane or double yellow line near you..

    ASDA in Plymouth will be renewing it's entire fleet of home shopping vans on Wednesday with Tesco style Iveco Dailys.

  2. I had a gander over the wall and see 66 is also in the new swoop livery soon to be on the tarmac.


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