25 July 2013


woops – only just seen this in my ‘in box’:

From the PCTPG 

As you are already aware, this coming Sunday 28th July, the 28th Annual Rally of the Western National Preservation Group is being held on the Hoe Promenade.  As usual we, the Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group, will be well represented together with our Sales bus and for the first time our newly acquired 1958 vintage Leyland PD2 (OCO 502) with Plymouth City Transport Fleet No.102


OCO502 OCO502


Additionally, we will be running service X51 from Plymouth Hoe, non-stop to Coypool for The Plym Valley Railway's Running Day, using our two Warships - 175 "ARK ROYAL" and 176 "INVINCIBLE".

Timetable HERE


  1. Looks like 102 won't be making it as I've heard that it had problems driving over to Plymouth from Buckfastleigh today and has had to turn back. Very sad if true.

  2. mike hudson vice chairman pctpg26 July 2013 at 22:03

    hi this is mike Hudson, vice chairman PCTPG. due to some vehicles not being ready in time, some will not be able to make it unfortunately.
    vehicles going: 105/7552/53/178/137/176
    vehicles not going: 102/162/175/201/117/131. this is due to mechanical issues.
    pvr shuttles are being operated by 176 & 53.
    trips round the hoe are being run by 105.
    all others vehicles are display only. hope this clears up any queries.


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