17 June 2013

Recommended Reading

As its been a while I have quite a lot of blogs to catch up on, so I present an extra post with the recent posts on a few of the blogs I recommend.


  • I doubt many people noticed, certainly not those who saw the film in the United States, but it just goes to show that you don’t need a Routemaster to prove you’re in London. Omnibuses
  • Next weekend sees a big day for London: the complete conversion of the first route to see 100 per cent New Buses for London (NBfLs), the LT-class Omnibuses
  • The other question has to be: where next? To register three competitive routes in such a short space of time is unusual and you have to question whether or not it’s part of a larger plan. How such activity can be afforded is also questionable Omnibuses
  • Whilst regular users of the station may well have been able to cope with the changes, fbb has to confess to being thoroughly disorientated and befuddled. Public Transport Experience
  • A few days ago, long-time blogger Busing was offering his somewhat depressing views (from a bus operator's point of view) on attempts to persuade folk out of their cars and onto buses. fbb offers a few suggestions. Public Transport Experience
  • The effect of this lovely leaflet on fbb is to persuade him to saunter from Seaton to Swanage as soon a possible to enjoy this network. Public Transport Experience
  • Recently acquired Optare Solo M1020 626 MX55 BXO has been repainted into the latest fleet livery and is expected to enter service soon Andys Bus Blog
  • The 5th annual Clacton Bus Rally took place on Sunday 2nd June 2013, the event which is held at the Clacton Factory Outlet attracted an interesting selection of over 50 buses both old and new Andys Bus Blog
  • Following on from our previous post we are pleased to see that the brand new BBC documentary series (with a revised title) The Route Masters: Running London's Roads begins next week! Andys Bus Blog
  • In our first Looking back... photo special for a while, we are taking a look at an interesting selection of classic coaches photographed in Norfolk in the late 1970's Andys Bus Blog
  • Once again, I have had the privilege of one of my photos being selected by Western Greyhound for use on their mini timetable guides! PTOTPA
  • the photo this week depicts one of Western Greyhounds very impressive looking Optare Solo SRs in Truro, taken at the tail end of last summer. PTOTPA

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