02 June 2013

PCT Before the big bang

I know I keep promising more ‘historic’ posts, especially during last months Plymouth History Festival bus as usual time is not on my side and having sustained another back injury over the last month has not helped but I have managed to produce another fleet list. This time its an historical fleet list for Plymouth City Transport as at 1st April 1986.

This is a good time to review the fleet as it was just before the onslaught of the dreaded Dodge City Shuttles which would decimate the double deck fleet. In fact there are a few of these listed as 45-48 along with the ill-fated Volkswagens 16-8 are the newest members of the fleet at the time. Here we have a list which shows a mainly double decked fleet with just a few Leyland Nationals left along with the minibuses and a few second-hand coaches.

  • Plymouth City Transport April 1986 Fleet List: Plymothian Transit Documents

    The photo of Number 2 on the list was taken in April 1986:

    © Nick Spencer

    The list itself is complete and I have started to add a few Flickr photo links t6o the listing to try and illustrate the buses shown as they would have been back in 1986. Its not always easy as although there are plnety of photos out there not all of them are dated. I have made sure that most batches are represented along with most of the advert buses.
    If anyone finds any other photos of buses from this period which can be added please let me know via the normal comments and they will be added.

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    1. Nice to see the history and remember the happier times of PCT just noticed 2 mistakes the Leopards were 352/4/5 not 352/3/4 and wasn't 65 DP40F by this stage as well ?

      1. Yep! the KAD-V batch were mis-typed - now corrected. 65 was shown as DP41F on my list so again I have corrected it. Thanks


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