05 June 2013


Not quite a post I had planned this morning as I spent most of yesterday evening reconfiguring my RSS feeds as Google are closing down Reader which is one of the most useful apps I use on my computer. I hadn't realised just how much I have in my reading list...

So a few more photos from my Saturday morning session. This time to show off the new DEVON fleet names which now adorn ALL the Park & Ride fleet at long last.
First 33659 SN12ADZ First 33658 SN12ADX First 33666 SN12AEJ First 33665 SN12AEG

PT Recommends

  • Buying up a 1,500 acre site outside Woking, they proposed the creation of a dedicated railway of the dead: a line (serviced by London & Southwest Rail) used for the sole purpose of transporting the deceased from London to ‘Brookwood Cemetery’ for burial. Dark Roasted Blend
  • It seems wherever I go the bus wars follow me. As Nottingham City, Trent Barton and Yourbus continue to battle it out back at home, the memory of Premiere slowly fading, while at university, in York, I find myself caught up among yet another fight, this time between First and Transdev. Omnibuses

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