21 June 2013

Bovisand Bus

Catching up with upcoming bus route changes we saw this announcement on Jackett Coaches Facebook page back on 3 June:

We can now confirm that we will be running the summer 54 service between Plymouth City Centre and Bovisand via Plymstock, Hooe and Jennycliff. The service will run 7 days a week from Sunday 21st July until Sunday 1st September

They are planning to run a 31 seat low floor bus on the route with a spare vehicle available if the loadings get heavy.

Sure enough on VOSA 6th June


    • Registration Accepted by SN
    • Starting Point: Plymouth, Royal Parade
    • Finish Point: Bovisand
    • Via: Plymstock, Hooe
    • Service Number: 54
    • Service Type: Normal Stopping
    • Effective Date: 21-JUL-2013
    • Other Details: Daily service

No sign of any timetables yet of the Jacketts website (but then it still shows timetables for the 85 which ended a couple of months ago)

Lets hope that the weather improves and the service is a success.

Bovisand Bay
Bovisand June 2005 by Steve Sweet under creative commons


  • The "Breezer" name originated with Southern Vectis' collection of open toppers. For Wilts, more and Dorset, "Breezer" simply means "buses to the Isle of Purbeck". Not much breeze on the top deck of a packed-full service 40 on a hot summer day? Public Transport Experience
  • There is a lot of speculation over the future of bus services in Taunton at the moment. With the depot of the erstwhile Southern National operation providing the majority of the town's services, First is retreating ever more. Southern England
  • TfL probably thinks its beta site is the first transport web offering to be driven by and optimised for mobile devices rather than either by the conventional internet or having one version for each. Of course, those of us who live in the south know differently. Omnibuses
  • Maybe it is worth repeating that last bit, lest our jaded readers think it is all a dreadful dream:- the service has doubled in frequency! Public Transport Experience

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  1. The lack of timetables is due to not being able to update the old website, I am currently working on a new website which should be online soon.


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