26 June 2013

A trip to the beach

Now that Jacketts Coaches has revamped its web site we can finally get to see the timetable for their service 54:

54 City Centre - Bovisand via Plymstock & Hooe

This service operates 7 days a week from Sunday 21st July 2013 till Sunday 1st September 2013

Route Description

Royal Parade [A9], Exeter Street Viaduct, Exeter Street, Embankment Road, Laira Bridge Road, Billacombe Road, Pomphlett Road, Dean Cross Road, Dean Hill, Mountbatten Way, Drake Way, Radford Park Road, Hooe Road, Jennycliff Lane, Staddon Lane, Bovisand Beach Car Park returning via Staddon Lane, Stamford Lane, Church Hill Road, Hooe Road and then via reverse of outbound route.

Most Journeys are operated by a low floor wheelchair accessible bus, although in some cases it may be necessary to operate a non wheel chair friendly vehicle, please check before travelling

Jacketts 54 21 July 2013


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  1. Not stop A9, this is getting ridiculous the amount of services trying to leave the same stop at the same time. That now makes 10 services trying to operate off one small stop, it's overcongested and dangerous.

  2. Unfortunately not our choice, we are told to use that stop by the Council


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