03 May 2013

(no) Life After Plymouth K616LAE

There have been many false reports of the demise of these fine K reg Olympians that have served Plymouth so well over the last few years but it seems at least this one, K616LAE has been observed under tow to the big bus depot in the sky...

First 34616 K616LAE

April 2012 Royal Parade – my last photo of this one

and a much better photo from a few years ago…K616 LAE
(cc) Nick Rice November 2010

PT Recommends

  • If the architect's sketches are to be believed there is now a pleasant piazza with paved markings, guiding the passenger to the pedestrian crossing; broad and uncluttered access to the adjoining bus station with taxis close by, waiting in a little nibble off the access road to the car park. Public Transport Experience
  • But Coastliner is making the conversion to counter changes to North Yorkshire council’s changes to reimbursement rates. Here, then, is perhaps the first test that may see whether older people are content to pay their way. Omnibuses
  • Following the fire on board one of Southern Vectis' Omnicity double deckers, two Volvo B7TLs with Plaxton President bodywork have been drafted in to cover Southern England
  • This means that buses waiting on the stands adjacent to Woodford Road will have to do one and a half circuits of the bus station tho get in and out. And does the architect really think that buses will be easy to jiggle into and out of the central parking area. Public Transport Experience
  • First may get a good second life out of the ex-Jersey Darts. But is the purchase of pre-owned buses sustainable? The fact that few other large operators are doing so would perhaps suggest not Omnibuses
  • Easter Sunday saw me able to get away from family duties to catch a glimpse of the final hour of the Merseyside Transport Trust's running day. Transport Illustrated
  • Will people be happy to get from their cars to the station via the creepy former car tunnel? How do things like "footbridge to platform 4" (shown from the revised bus station) tie up with ticket barriers and the increasingly overbearing supposed need for "security". Public Transport Experience


  1. She isn't the only fine vehicle to leave us. PCB's Ex-Trent Volvo B10M Citybus 188 F605GVO was scrapped in December of last year after just a few months (more like weeks) of service with Warrington Coachways.


    Neither are my photos.

    She was withdrawn just two weeks before my first trip on one (before Easter last year), along with 183, so never managed a trip on her, though many drivers remember her. Many drivers say that 188 was the best one they've ever had, better than all of the current ones. Other terms I've heard used to describe it was 'everything about it was perfect' and 'the Black Bomber'! A driver also said they'd often have a debate as to who was to drive 188 that day! Even non-enthusiast drivers remember her, real shame she's gone. Mike Hudson once in February of last year amazingly got to take it out on a full duty of the 16!! He tells me it did around 35mph up Weston Mill Hill at just 1/4 throttle!

  2. that is very true tom! a lovely bus. and I have been told by a friend at fdc that all the k reg oly's are going. maybe for scrap

    1. they need one at dartmouth for the school contract can't see them investing in a low floor vehicle with a ferry lift!


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