08 May 2013

Church and Atlanteans

After yesterdays ‘extra’ posting featuring a left hand drive Atlantean and a Church for this evenings Church tour using  a PCTPG bus here are a couple of proper Atlanteans next to probably the most famous Church building in Plymouth at Charles Cross:
PCB Leyland Atlantean AN 168 - Ply., Charles Cross - 07-1984 PCB Leyland Atlantean AN 162 - Ply., Charles Cross - 07-1984
Both photos ©Jos Van Hemert 21 July 1984
The church was an important centre of spiritual life for the city for 300 years; boasted a number of important ministers; and was the mother of many existing churches. During the nights of 21 and 22 March 1941, the church was entirely burned out by incendiary bombs. Although now a monument, the tradition of ministry at 'Charles' is not lost and is carried on by the Parish of Charles with St Matthias, one of its daughter churches, a quarter of a mile away to the north. It is an important landmark for the city of Plymouth.
Charles Church

[cc] Martin Allen 2008 – One of the best shots I have seen of this lovely building.

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  1. Re: the last (excellent) photo. Did the multi-storey car park really go by 1988? Blimey, I would never have thought that, doesn't time fly?!

    1. That didnt seem right - I have no idea why I ended up typing 1988 - it is in fact 2008 that the photo was taken - only 20 years out!
      Clearly my error - and I will correct it tonight.
      Cheers G!

  2. No worries, Graham. Out of interest, when was the car park demolished? Early 90s?


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