07 May 2013

Blast from the Past: National Express 1988

It has to be said that National Express these days generally operates a very comfortable fleet of coaches to a high standard. It also has to be said that as a result its a very boring fleet, especially with the most bland and disappointing livery that is is use these days. It hasnt always been like this and this lovely shot from ‘Tipperman’ shows one of the oddities that could be found on National Express back in the 1980’s.

This shot taken March 1988 shows a Neoplan Jetliner from the Yelloway / Trathens era when quite a fleet of Neoplans was built up. I have to say I was a real fan of the Trathens Skyliners and made several trips to London and back, pretty much just for the ride there and back but I never did get a ride on one of these singledeckers.


© Nick Spencer

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  1. These Neoplan Jetliners and the double deck Skyliner still look modern today. I can remember riding the top deck of the Skyliner with Trathens in the early 80s many times


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