02 April 2013

Olympians Out

Thanks for all the interesting comments on yesterdays post which was obviously an April fools post although a few of you seemed to prefer it to the normal version. Personally I prefer the proper version.

It has been noted on this blog that First Devon & Cornwall have made quite a few changes to their Plymouth fleet so that it no longer feels so unloved by First as it has done for quite some time. We have looked at the Tridents that have come in so this posts looks at what has left Plymouth over the last month or so starting off with the Olympians

34001 Withdrawn
Thursday snap
©Nick Rice
34068 to Cornwall
First 34068 P568EFL
34615 to Cornwall
First 34615 K615LAE

34616 Withdrawn First 34616 K616LAE
34619 Withdrawn
First 34619 K619LAE 22 February 2011
34628 Withdrawn
First 34628 (K628 LAE)
©Ian Kirby
34629 Withdrawn
Still plugging away on a prime route
©Nick Rice

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  1. 34001 NOT withdrawn - on 2 today

  2. Indeed I second that 34001 has not yet been withdrawn, along with 34629 which has been transferred to Cornwall and has certainly been confirmed in service very recently so doubt it has been withdrawn yet.

  3. Indeed I second that 34001 has not yet been withdrawn from service, she's certainly still out fighting along with 34003. I also add34629 from the list which have been transferred to Cornwall with 34615 rather than having been withdrawn along with her sisters.

  4. 34001 was on the 81 service 03/04/13. Despite her age, she is still going strong. As long as she's still moving, I cant see why she would be withdrawn.

  5. 34001 was on the 81 again today, and for the record sister bus 34003 was on the X80 this evening

  6. 34001 was on the 81A yesterday, 34003 was on the 15 yesterday too, and it has just 10 minutes ago passed me at Crownhill yet again on the 15!! Would've took a photo of 34001 yesterday though there were two Citaros on stand in the way!

  7. Yesterday (Friday 5th) 34001 was on the 81A. 34003 was on the 15 yesterday and today.

  8. Yesterday (Mon 8th) 34001 was again on the 81A. 34003 had a break from the 15 yesterday and was out on the 6.


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