27 February 2013

Time to Jack it in?

It looks like its the end of the 85:


o Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Tavistock Bus Station and Plymouth Royal Parade given service number 85 effective from 10-Apr-2013

Jackett's Vario
Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Nick Rice


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  1. Well I must say I expected this to happen.. although may be not until the summer!! It only lasted 3 months and that's with a 6 week cancellation notice.. It did not take Jacketts long to realise they were on a loser taking on First on this route... and First have not done anything to keep their customers either!!! A 2 hr frequency was never going to work against a 15 minute one!!!

  2. I have to agree with the above - I hate to say it, though I could see it happening though definitely not this early on! It sort of follows on from what you've wrote yesterday -

    'We are now three months down the road and its clear that the route is not working. All those people who were crying out for a bus service dont actually use it! I try and make a few changes to keep it going for a few more months but I am a small company, I cant keep loosing money. Its no good. I have to call it a day and cancel the route.' (The made up scenario)

    'we get alot of passengers asking for an alternative to First so we are offering it.'(Jacketts)

    It is a shame they've had to cancel it, although I really do believe they deserve credit for having the guts to take on First on this route - yes it was more of just an alternative than a full on competition for it, however you look at it, they have competed with First. That, in itself, deserves a huge round of applause.

    Ironically, the latest rumour is Citybus are looking to expand their services again - this time they're said to be seriously looking into expanding to Tavistock. This is, I stress, a rumour, however they are definitely looking into further expansion. Who knows where this will take them!

    1. Wembury is crying out for a decent bus service. Rumours are lots more houses will be built there too!

    2. I'd like to possibly see the 33 extended into Torpoint - this really would be a cross city route what with it during the week being merged with the 45, they really could publicise this well. Sundays the 45 upon reaching town change to a 42, at Tamerton changes to a 42A, upon reaching town the 42A becomes a 41, which once reached town changes back to the 45 on Sundays.

      A Wembury service would be interesting - they have 'experience' with a similar service with the 54 Bovisand service they successfully ran last year. If it was me though, I'd look to make sure I'm completely, 100% happy with Plymouth routes and that they're all doing well - top of my list would be the 34, it is absolutely atrocious in terms of reliability to say the least, it is a pretty much guaranteed late service (like the 50/61/62s used to be). I really can't see where it goes wrong for the 34; yes its merged with the 29 though each have a 10 minute layover in the City Centre and at Derriford, so on paper it should be fine, though as I'm sure you're all aware, it is what must be the most unreliable service they operate. I'd look to fix things like this before expanding the network.

  3. That's a shame if true. I guess this means that every Friday I'm going to have to revert back to cycling to and from our Yelverton client now, via the Plym Valley! I refuse to pay First any more in exchange for such an atrocious level of service.

    I had hoped a company like Jackets would come along and do like Faresaver did in Chippenham/Bath and win a lot of passengers from First by providing a cheap and cheerful service. I guess either the economics of operating a longer-distance service from Tavistock doesn't work or there wasn't enough branding / promotion of the new service? Certainly I've not noticed any of their vehicles around and didn't realise the service had already been operating for some weeks.

  4. I don't think they helped themselves with the standard of vehicle used on the route. They were running it with a dart but lately it has been the white beaver with paper destinations (easy to mistake for Target). In the main his potential customers were concessionary pass holders who won't climb the steps on one of these and who aren't victims of FDC's high fares. Well done for trying but a bridge too far methinks.

  5. Anon 22:31

    People moan at the service from First but a bus every 15 mins across the moors from Plymouth to Tavistock is extremely good I say and more than any competitor will offer I would bet!!

    This is more than a lot of estates in Plymouth get from either First or Citybus...so I think people should consider themselves lucky to have a service like this on this corridor!

  6. Im sorry to say this but too much copying other services! And deffinetley not enough publicity Its no wonder it has failed Jacketts really needs to look at doing cheap small local services first to get themselves known around the community before expanding its the only way to start!

  7. I went to use the Jacketts' 85 today it did not turn up, I phoned them and they said they had a problem with the bus so were not operating the 85 service today.... I wonder why it has been withdrawn after only a few weeks?? First must have been quaking in their boots ????

  8. There was no sign of the 85 when I was on the Tavistock road in the middle of what should have been its last day April 9th, so when did Jackett last operate the route?


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