11 February 2013

Faithful Foden Farewell

There was a time when most bus companies had their own recovery vehicles, often converted from old Army lorries or converted buses. These days many operators leave recovery to commercial recovery firms like Field Services which is used by First Devon & Cornwall.

Plymouth Citybus however still operate their own recovery truck which for many years has been this faithful old Foden 901 TSS583S. Sadly though it is now the end of the line for 901 as its getting a lot harder to find spare parts to keep her on the road. Plymouth Citybus 901 TSS583S
901 seen here back in July 2006 assisting Dart N108UTT which had been involved in an accident on Royal Parade. Plymouth Citybus Foden 901 TSS583S
©Jos Van Hemeert 31 July 1997

A newer DAF CF has been purchased to replace 901. DAF CF SF51VCA carries fleet number 953 and is currently being prepared to take over. 2013-02-08 09.29.43
©Brian George

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  1. Be nice to see the Plymouth Transport Preservation group acquire this after many years faithful service. Would PCB donate it to them Graham?
    Excellent site mate. Martyn

    1. I guess it would partly depend on how much they'd get selling it for scrap amongst other things - if they're offered next to nothing PCB may consider donating it.


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