22 January 2013

Seems lightyears away

Its flippin freezing so as a reminder of warmer times…

Thanks to Peter White (from the excellent Public Transport Experience Blog) which is often controversial and always entertaining!

© Peter White

Plymothian Transit Recommends

  • The bus scene on the Isle of Man is somewhat less varied than that to the North West. The solitary operator of stage carriage services is the government owned company Bus Vannin North West Bus Blog
  • three pictures reflecting the types of vehicles in use with Anglian over the last six years East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • With today's snowfall, I took the chance to get some nice snowy pictures in and around the local area! Enjoy! Circle of London
  • Residents blocked Nelson Road, Newport with a snow barricade in protest at the route not being gritted. They claim Nelson Road, which has been home to the Southern Vectis bus fleet depot for decades, is dangerous during ice and snow. Public Transport Experience
  • There’s probably no need to give the names of the three High Street retailers to go into administration in the last 10 days. Each has made national news. But it occurs to me that the bus industry has a few things to pat itself on the back for, if you look just a little below the surface at the reasons and parallels. Omnibuses
  • Today, though, it may be sad to report that a medium sized regional bus operator might join them by calling in the dreaded administrator... Omnibuses
  • The planned Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport network is back, and there are a few headline routes. Firstly, the Zero has unravelled, and instead been replaced by a far more sensible arrangement on the 17 and 18 (yes, they are back), Southern England Bus Scene


  1. You author has been kind enough to credit me with "copyright" for the above photo. Although legally and pedantically that may be true, the whole idea of the internet was/is for sharing and distributing informtion. Anyone may use anything I post or provide because that's why I post or provide it. So you may ignore the (c) completely if you wish! The sensible mantra says "if you wish to retain copyright, don't put it online without physical (the so-called "watermark") or electronic (i.e. password) protection. As any page on the internet can be linked to any other, the idea of copyright is a bit daft anyway!

  2. A light year is a distance not a measure of time! The bus is quite close really, being photographed in Plymouth, I presume? Not in the further reaches of the galaxy? Sorry dbg, couldn't resist that one!


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