28 January 2013

Incoming First 32754

Another one of the incoming Dennis Tridents we are seeing back in Plymouth after their spell away in Weymouth:

First 32754 X504BFJ
©Richard Smith
Before that it was in Weymouth
First 32754 (X504 BFJ) [cc] Ian Kirby Weymouth 12 October 2012
And of course before that was a North Devon bus:
X504 BFJ
[cc]Nick Rice 28 October 2006

Plymothian Transit Recommends

  • MAN EcoCity gas bus on the 601 Great Yarmouth to Southwold services early yesterday afternoon East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • A total of ten Heavy Anti-Aircraft Batteries were sited around Plymouth, including Maker Heights, Bere Alston, Carkeel, Plympton & Down Thomas Hidden Plymouth
  • Tyne and Wear’s Integrated Transport Authority has decided that it needs more time and further work before it considers whether to impose the UK’s first quality contract scheme or to accept the bus operators’ offer of a partnership agreement. Omnibuses
  • The crossing from Lymington to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight has always been the "baby" of the Island's three ferry routes., Public Transport Experience
  • Stagecoach Bluebird have introduced a fleet of new single deck buses for the bus routes in the Stonehaven and Portlethen areas. The Bus People
  • Phil Tonks looks at the implications of Rotala’s purchase of First’s Redditch and Kidderminster operations from a passenger’s perspective…. The Bus People
  • It was reported in the Eastern Daily Press today that an Anglian bus caught fire at Ellough in Beccles late yesterday afternoon on its way back to the depot. East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • Once home to hundreds of scrapped buses (the vast majority from Eastern Counties) the scrapyard was a valuable source of spare parts for bus preservationists over the years, Andys Bus Blog
  • Premiere Travel of Nottingham has successfully applied for a notice of intention to appoint an administrator. Might this potentially be one of the biggest casualties of the bus sector in these troubling times? Omnibuses
  • With the floor being the only seating inside, and the outside decks being less than inviting in late December, the crossing was not a particularly pleasant experience! Public Transport Experience
  • Have you looked at idbus, the french operation of cheap intercity travel by coach? I see them and they are carrying lots of fresh air! Public Transport Experience
  • Everyone’s feeling the pinch. Pubs are closing at a considerable rate. High street names are falling. It’s little wonder, then, that stricken Premiere called it a night yesterday evening at 1700. Omnibuses
  • In June last year "Passenger Transport" produced a list of those areas that First Group was looking to withdraw from. It was Wigan, Birkenhead, Chester, Kidderminster, Redditch, which have now not only been sold but sold in that order. Public Transport Experience

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  1. Interesting to compare First "Goldline" with Stagecoach "Gold". I know which one I'd rather have. It is a pretty depressing situation that X reg deckers are actually worth celebrating. One day first may invest like Stagecoach but I doubt it sadly.


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