02 January 2013

Can you see it?

Plym Valley 301212 032
That's better!
© Jason Beverley 30 December 2012.

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  1. The 'Plymouth' part of the Citycoach logo is now in capitals and in the same size/font/place etc as the new Bluestone 360 designed Citybus logo. Gives it a more consistent look!

    1. Thats pretty much it Tom, although to be strictly accurate - the Plymouth part is a whole new addition to the logo - previously it was just "Citycoach" with no indication of which city it was at all. At least people will know where they come from now!

  2. Are there B7's out of action?

    Enviro's and Darts on the 43A. Bit of a step down :'(

    1. Nope, on NYE two B7RLEs were on the 40 and 41, I saw 72 and 19 on the 43A on NYE. Either 73 or 74 was on the 33/43Bs too. 406 was on the 5 ('covering' for either 73/74 that was on the 33/43Bs in turn covering for an 08 Enviro which was on the 50, while that was covering for 62, which was on the 23/24, covering for 8, which was on the 5/5A, covering for 75, which I think was on the 42D/46/152s. phew!) , and, almost unbelievably, there was a B7 decker on the 49!
      All of these were spotted around 2-2.30pm ish on New Years Eve.

  3. The b7 single decks are no longer on the 43a due to the fact that the 43a and 43b are grouped together. And the 33/45 are now grouped together. So, because of the size of the b7 single decks they are too big to turn round at the holly park terminus. hope that answers your question.

    1. ^In that case ignore my comment about that 54 plate SLF on the 43B covering for this that and the other! Are the B7RLEs assigned to the 40/41s now? I'd have put them on the 21/A/26 with Citaros placed on to the 42/A/20s.

      43A and 43B being merged makes sense really; I saw 2 54 plate SLFs on the 43A/B on Sunday; these are normally on the 5/5A, which saw two N-reg SLFs and 406. Perhaps the 5/5A and 43A/B are assigned a split between the N/R SLFs which bear in mind 7 are also needed for the 20/42/A, and the 23/24s, and the 54-plate SLFs.

      33 and 45 I suppose saves the 45 hanging around for about 25 minutes a trip - and obviously still has the 08 Enviros assigned. Cheers for letting us know Mike!

  4. glad to be of help. re the b7's on 40/41's, i am not sure but it certainly looks that way doesnt it!

  5. Just an update on the 40/41 and 43A/B.

    I saw Dart 69 on the 43A with running board number 231 – so officially should’ve been 71 though an 03-plate Dart is officially assigned to the 43A. I also saw 74 on the 43B and at least two other N-reg SLFs on the 43A, plus what I think was 140 on the 43B, didn’t see the board number.
    40 and 41 today had a mixture of T/X Darts (still with running board numbers in the early 200s e.g. around 207ish), so these are still assigned to them, there were two B7RLEs, with board numbers 108 and 110, so at least 2 B7RLEs are assigned to the 40/41s; there probably are 3, as the 43A needed 3 buses, so I must’ve just not seen the third one, although 409 was on a 41 so it may have been covering for a B7RLE that may have been kept in the Depot for one reason or another, didn’t see the board number.
    N101 was on the 50, didn’t see the board number, as was 72, board number 219 so covering for an SPD. 33/45 has thankfully retained the 08 Enviros, Enviros are still on the 16/35s.

    What I said a few weeks ago about 2 DDs being swapped from the 29 and 34 onto the 27 and 28 is during the week only. This in turn means the two SLFs the DDs from the 29/34 have replaced, have obviously been placed onto the 29/34 during the week, one is board no. 312, which is normally either 12 or 13. The DD 27/28 board numbers I believe are either 700 and 701 or 701 and 702 – the duty which board 701 is now assigned to is quite well done actually – this means a DD is on the 0745 28 to Derriford, the 1630 27 to Derriford, the 1720 28 from Derriford and the 1815 27 to Derriford – all of these trips before DDs were placed onto them badly suffered from overcrowding and passengers having to be left stranded.


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