31 December 2012

my last post of the year

PCTPG B176VDV is seen pulling out of Keswick Crescent with Mike at the wheel on its way to the Plym Valley Railway yesterday. I had hoped to go down myself but had to settle for this picture instead. Mike was running ten minutes late at this point, but he made up for it by being on time driving my number 50 to work this morning!


Thanks to everyone for a great year on Plymothian Transit – the number of comments on my posts has increased dramatically this last year and there have been plenty of photos sent in and made available for me to share here which has made putting this altogether so much easier and also a lot more enjoyable too. Regular posts will resume in the New Year.

Have a great New Years Eve, enjoy yourself tonight – and be safe. Dont forget the extra bus services in the early hours are there to be used – I guess its a case of use them or loose them.

See you next year – Graham

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  1. glad i could be of service. love the picture too!


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