12 November 2012

Strike Thursday

First Devon & Cornwall have posted details of another bus drivers strike – Thursday 15th November:


Despite extensive efforts on the part of the company to reduce the likelihood of industrial action affecting bus services in Devon and Cornwall, bus operator First has been informed by the Union representing drivers and engineers that they will stage a further 24 hour walk out.
The walk out, which the company has been told will take place on Thursday 15 November, will affect all First depots in Devon and Cornwall. While the company is still working hard to resolve the issue, the planned walk out could mean that many services across the two counties could be significantly disrupted, and that some may be entirely suspended for 24 hours, from 00.01 until 23.59 hours on Thursday 15 November.
Firsts management team has met with the RMT Union on a number of occasions in recent weeks. It tabled another good deal on Friday 2 November, offering staff a 2% pay increase from 2 December and a further 2.3% increase from April next year " but the company has been informed that this has been rejected by the Union. Notably the latest offer sought to resolve many of the issues that have previously been contentious in negotiations, with the plan for new driver contracts revised to give new staff a �new starter package instead.
The company is now planning to communicate directly with the staff to ensure that the details of the latest offer are put to individual employees, while it is similarly looking at what services could run on Thursday 15 November if the planned action does go ahead.
The company also is considering its options in relation to drawing in external support, having advised the Union representatives who attended the last meeting that if the new, improved offer was rejected that it would call in the services of ACAS to help find a long term solution to the issue.
Talking about the issue, Chris Bainbridge, Service Delivery Director for First South Coast, says: "We are incredibly disappointed and frustrated that the Union has called for this action for a second time and that they are preparing to walk out again on Thursday 15 November, despite an improved offer being put to our staff.
"This action is deeply regrettable and extremely disappointing, not least because measures like this cause undue disruption and anxiety for hard working people, who rely on our local bus services to get to school, work and leisure destinations.
"As a nation we are all facing tougher times. We have, however, offered the Union a good deal " guaranteeing staff pay rises from December this year and April next year - and yet despite this they are now preparing to strike again.
"The deal that we have put on the table is a very good one. It guarantees drivers and engineers a simple 2% pay increase from 2 December and a further 2.3% increase from April next year, with no changes to the terms and conditions of current staff. We will be writing to all staff to make them fully aware of the latest offer and encourage those who want to accept it, to do so.
"The pay offer on the table adds to an already generous pay and benefits package. On average our drivers earn around £17,000 a year with the opportunity to earn much more through overtime, and they also get a generous holiday entitlement, paid sick leave, access to contributory pension schemes, access to an employee assistance programme, access to Share Save and Buy As You Earn saving schemes, free bus travel for staff and their immediate families, reduced price train travel around the UK and access to other discounts at other high street stops and leisure destinations.
"Industrial action benefits no one. Customers are inconvenienced, drivers and engineers lose pay for the days that they do not work and the business suffers as people inevitably find other, alternative ways to get from A to B.
"The bus industry is already facing challenging times, with millions of pounds worth of funding cuts, cost increases affecting all parts of the business and the recession impacting on the number of people using our services, we would expect our staff to work with us to grow the business and make it stronger, rather than undermining efforts in this way by persisting with unnecessary strike action.'
As a company First remains committed to resolving the dispute with the Union and will do what it can to keep customers up to date with how the action may affect them, it is, however advising customers to prepare for significant disruption.
While specific plans are currently being put in place for Thursdays industrial action, the company hopes to be able to run a similar, or better, level of service to that which it operated on 26 October. That is to say in Cornwall it hopes, at a minimum, to run contracted services to Truro College, a shuttle bus service between Falmouth and the Tremough Campus and the Eden Rider service. In Devon the company hopes to run services to Tavistock School and a reduced Park and Ride Service in Plymouth (with buses running up to every 15 minutes, rather than every 7 minutes on normal days). All other services are expected to be severely disrupted. Up to date details regarding the disruption will be communicated via the companys website and via its Facebook and Twitter pages as soon it becomes available.
In light of the planned action, customers who use First bus services are advised to prepare for significant disruption on Thursday and should consider finding alternative ways to make important journeys. Traveline, the organisation which provides independent travel advice, may be able to assist customers looking for information about alternative public transport options. Traveline South West: 0871 200 22 33 or www.travelinesw.com
For regular updates on services operating please follow us on Facebook or Twitter or contact our Customer Services:

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