13 November 2012

It pays to advertise – sometimes

How to advertise your university...

Maybe in Bristol....
©Nick Rice
32713 now carries this impressive wrap for UWE Bristol.

How NOT to do it...

First 40586 YJ51RJX January 2009
Only marginally improved later...
First 40586 YJ51RJX
July 2010


  • Ah Yes, Hall 5 of the NEC. It wasn’t such a bad show, after all. Here at last is part 2 of 2 (see part 1 here), on the subject of the show, continuing the theme of new vehicles… Omnibuses
  • Like the sliding block puzzle of 15, getting one block in the right place often disturbs two others; very frustrating. We have now sorted out the route (a big loop at the southern end) and the corrected destination at Hedge End. But there are other niggles. Public Transport Experience
  • With bus companies, big and small, going under and others selling out to the big boys, we all know how hard it is out there. And if national institutions like Comet, JJB, Clinton Cards, Game & Habitat all face closure or downsizing, all seemingly rock-solid business a year or two ago, what future for bus operators, as the High Street contracts? Omnibuses
  • The only disappointment was that, with only a week to go to an absolutely stonkingly mega timetable and route change, the office was "Closed on Sundays". Surely there is an argument in favour of being a bit more up front with enquiry office staff? Public Transport Experience

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  1. They're both dreadful. Why is the Trident any better than the B6? It doesn't shout University of West of England or even Bristol. You have to know what 'uwe' in the web address stands for, surely? There might be other clues in the small logos along the skirt (can't really see) but it's way too subtle and falls into the contravision trap of becoming unreadable as soon as a window is opened. Overall ads were fine back in the 80s when they were painted but these days contravision lulls designers into thinking they have a huge, plain, bus-shaped canvas to work on. They haven't!


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