17 October 2012

Plymouth in your Pocket

©Mark Collins

Plymouth Citybus 429 has finally received the full advert for the Citybus mobile app. Very smart indeed!

The new app from Plymouth Citybus; available on both iPhone and Android platforms, provides you with a more convenient way to buy your bus tickets, saving you time and effort. PLUS THEY ARE GIVING AWAY AN IPHONE 4S TO ONE LUCKY PERSON WHO DOWNLOADS THE APP BEFORE 19/10/12. (click here for details)

I must admit I have downloaded the app and found it very useful. I dont need it for myself but have a couple of dayrider tickets stored up for when I take my son into town etc. I do like the fact that the tickets last for 24 hours rather than a set date as before. By careful timing I was able to use my last one for the school ruin on a Friday afternoon and then for a trip into town on the Saturday. Saved a few pennies on the normal fares. It does seem odd though just showing the bus driver the phone and not having to do anything else!


  • David Bell visited Norwich once again last week, whilst he was there came across an interesting selection of visiting coaches and kindly sent us this interesting selection of photographs to share with you all.. East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • why does Queen Street Bridge in York exist, carrying heavy amounts of traffic over ...nothing at all? Public Transport Experience
  • Yesterday was not a particularly good day on the disaster side. A First Poole outstation double deck carrying over 50 students under contract to Kingston Maurward College, Dorchester toppled, as you will no doubt have seen on the news Omnibuses
  • Go-Ahead Group bus operators Konectbus and Anglianbus are both set to introduce new services from Norwich in the next couple of months. East Norfolk Bus Blog


  1. Personally, I think this looks brilliant. Are we all prepared for the people to kick off about the issue with being able too see out of the front windows now though!!! (What with the strip going down so well!)

  2. On the offside the window that is covered completely is the one at the top of the stairs - no seats. On the nearside the rear backward facing seats have this on the window. Leaves around 57 seats with a clear view as I see it.

  3. Saw it on the 119 yesterday - looked fantastic. I like the bodywork of these deckers, but hate the insides, very basic, old & leaks water, certainly when you compare it to a B7.

  4. is that abit of kerb damage on the divers side already?

  5. The livery lends itself well to advertising! Looks brilliant and eye catching. I must admit with anonymous I prefer the East Lancs B7's over the Plaxtons.


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