10 October 2012

Looks like they’re staying


Well the good news is this bus is no longer in red livery so wont be causing so much confusion for Plymouth passengers anymore, but the repaint of 41795 into what appears to be the base colour for the new First Bus livery does suggest that these buses are here to stay, retaining their centre door too. Hopefully it will soon get a decent destination display at least. They clearly dont want to spend a lot of money on Plymouth at the moment!

One less Red bus on the road

©Nick Rice.


  • A suitably anonymous commentator** on yesterday's blog impugned fbb's sense of rectitude and natural justice by implying that the fat and arrogant one was criticising SYPTE unjustly (surely not?) Public Transport Experience
  • Anyway, my “husband” asked me for my independent views on my favourite of the five shortlisted liveries in the current Route One magazine’s competition Omnibuses
  • Regular blog readers will be aware that two of First Eastern Counties Euro 200s have returned to Great Yarmouth's Caister Road depot after a visit to the paint shops at Full Circle. East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • Sunday’s Warminster Running Day was pure magic. It was my first as a driver, and I spent much of it smiling to myself. Not only was our friend in fine fettle, but we were watching history repeat itself… 270KTA
  • As with any smaller and more insignificant depots, Huddersfield is a place for castoffs, and the latest batch of misery to be dumped in Huddersfield is some of the YJ51 Rxx batch of Volvo B7TLs PTOTHA


  1. Is First really that short of buses that they need to send out a part-repainted bus in the muck and rain? I assume the darker blue and pink colours will be painted and are not just vinyls stuck on but to be honest whichever.... talk about making life more complicated....

  2. Where is Plymouths local branding ???


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