01 October 2012

Ivybridge here we come

Sunday saw the first day of the new Citybus service to Ivybridge... Plymouth Citybus Ivybridge
©Brian George.
Anyone had a go yet?


  • This is a rough and estimated guide to the frequencies of buses in and around Portsmouth, following the changes. Southern England Bus Scene
  • Warminster Running Day, a week on Sunday, will see 270 KTA back in service on two of the routes she worked between 1968-70. 270KTA
  • Arriva can't be bothered to help anyone on a Saturday either. The bus station was, euphemistically, "tired" with very basic facilities, namely a few shelters, clean toilets and the aforementioned closed office. Public Transport Experience
  • What are they thinking of? London’s Oxford Street traders want to see a complete ban on buses using their road. Don’t they realise that this is one of their unique selling points? Something that differentiates Oxford Street from anonymous off-centre malls and harder-to-reach retail parks? Omnibuses
  • The illustrations are of very poor quality, printed on something like blotting paper, but for a 1960s young lad, the book would have been an educational revelation. Public Transport Experience
  • Its radical rehash has also undergone a radical renumbering. This includes the introduction of a Service 0. Eh? What? Service 0? Oh no! Omnibuses
  • Following requests, I've done a frequency break down of the Portsmouth section of the new changes. Southern England Bus Scene
  • Latest AnglianBus Repaints East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • If you're local to Stoke Village or know Plymouth well, you surely must be aware of The Blockhouse, a prominent Napoleonic Redoubt overlooking the dockyard it was built to protect. Hidden Plymouth


  1. Is it just me, or does 145 look like she has a white bandage around her?

  2. Yes I have had a go, oh hang on, that's me driving it, LOL.

  3. Why are First using B6BLES on the X80?

  4. Good Luck to you...here's hooping the Ivybridge regulars realise that Citybus are the future and First are the past.

  5. Stick with First I say...Citybus will give up soon and dont bother to serve the estates there either!

  6. first give better service and are cheaper as well

  7. That's not what I've been hearing, they love Citybus and they have been saying what a great service Citybus has gave.

  8. I was at the bus stop in Ivybridge yesterday, along with maybe 8 or 9 other people. The 180 drove towards the stop - not one person put their arm out to stop it. I doubt First will be able to keep it up!


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