26 October 2012

Go Karting

Several First buses have received new advert warps recently with several receiving this eye catching rear end advert for Plymouth Go Karting. 48262 is seen leaving Derriford Hospital Thursday evening this week. I could have caught this bus to Asda but I try to avoid these Volvos unless I am in a hurry!

First 48262 W602PAF


  • Seeing how a service you're planning to catch performs on a typical day can be of interest to many and to see the passing times and points plus mileage and chains as well as technical information such as the lines used, is a bonus. It's certainly my Railway Website Find of the Year A Transport of Delight
  • But it remains a rare opportunity for professionals to mix or just bump into each other in a relaxed atmosphere away from any possible suspicions of the OFT Omnibuses
  • All Hyperlink 72 journeys stop at (more correctly "near") "Pudsey Civic Hall" which isn't at Pudsey; not just the few shown as terminating there. Another computer generated nonsense. Does anyone check these things? Does anyone understand? Does anybody care? Public Transport Experience
  • Another guest post this week from Nathan Jenner, giving you the up to date information on withdrawals and allocation changes! PTOTHA

1 comment:

  1. Saw that yesterday evening at Derriford, the rear ad looks fairly smart though the whole bus looks really tatty what with all those faded Ugobus 'ads' on the side.


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