15 October 2012

Citybus Timetables 29

Continuing our look at the new timetables from 11 November:

Service 29

This service has been retimed to improve reliability with Services to Derriford operating via Crownhill Village. Due to increased journey times these services will operate 10 minutes later in the hour than current. Evening Services to operate hourly Monday to Saturday with later buses operating on Sundays.

cb29 Plymouth Citybus 145 WA08LEF


  • First prize goes to First for sending the required information first. And it's the same on-line; which is encouraging. Public Transport Experience
  • Staff at Connex, Jersey’s bus operator, went out on strike on 8th October over issues relating to the transfer of the contract from Connex to CTPlus scheduled for the end of the year. The strike was suspended the following evening—but there are still a number of underlying issues unresolved... Omnibuses
  • We have just recieved the first photographs of one of the new Konectbus Alexander Dennis Enviro400's complete with its smart new branding for routes 3 & 6 between Norwich and Watton. East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • The whole history of this vehicle recognises the growth of bus rental, some of it very short term, to cope with unforeseen circumstances Public Transport Experience
  • With the Fareham and Gosport network changes planned for next month, accompanied by the forthcoming arrival of a batch of brand new Enviro200s for Southampton over the new year, the step entry Dennis Darts may finally be withdrawn at the end of the year. Southern England Bus Scene
  • Well we all knew one day this would happen but within 12 days, Halifax and Huddersfield have seen over 12 vehicles withdrawn and 4 put in reserve. PTOTHA
  • Indeed, Watson, and equally clearly you have never read my brief monograph cunningly entitled "Understanding Impossible Timetables for Dummies", available in all good bookshops and stocked world-wide, even up the Amazon. Look closely at the picture again ... Public Transport Experience

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