04 October 2012

Citybus Timetables: 26

Service 26/B/D

Service 26 has been retimed to improve reliability, evening Service 26B will be incorporated into the Service 26 along with the current journeys on the Service 26D becoming 26A. Most journeys on the Service 26 will continue to Plympton as the Service 21/A to provide through journeys between Plympton and Devonport.



  • Variation Accepted: Operating between Plymouth , Royal Parade and St. Budeaux Square given service number 26 effective from 11-Nov-2012. To amend Route and Timetable.

Plymouth Citybus 406 PN02XCJ
I would expect the combined 26/ 21 routes to be double decker operated?

Citybus Timetables 26

Plymothian Transit Extra 26


  • Thanks to a young chap via the Facebook page, we were pointed in the direction of something completely new to us & unsurprisingly so due to it's sheltered location on the outskirts of Plymouth, Hidden Plymouth
  • What a brilliant day out, 9 hours absolutely crammed full of Leyland Olympian action, on buses that from day to day, you simply aren't even able to spot (due to them only operating on school contracts - the risk is too great!), let alone ride on! PTOTHA
  • So the much improved new bus services might well be attractive. Tomorrow our investigation continues as we examine the publicity from First Bus and Plymouth Citybus (Go-ahead) for the two new competing services. Public Transport Experience
  • Why shouldn’t the industry have a boast or two? Of course, we all know that we have to replace our assets, this makes business sense, as does a reduction in overheads associated with new vehicles. New vehicles are kinda essential to our industry. But the public surprisingly don’t seem to make the link. Omnibuses

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  1. Must admit ever since the first plans were unveiled in July and they mentioned the 21/26 combination I wondered what vehicles they would use, perhaps a 50/50 split on Citaros and B7 Deckers?

    Would be nice to see some B7 Deckers in Plympton - the 109 and 115 operate with these and I've not heard of any problems. We have seen deckers on all of the Plympton routes from time to time, though only through vehicle shortages. The B7 decker did struggle a bit with Glen Road, though for the rest of the journey it was fine. 429's first day in service was on the 20, and surprisingly, wasn't TOO bad through Woodford. I've seen Plaxton Presidents on the 22 though have never actually been on one on this route. Will be interesting to see what actually ends up on the 21/26.


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