03 October 2012

Citybus Timetables: 25

Service 25 11 November 2012

Minor changes to times with additional journeys in the School day peak to enable a regular 30 minute timetable to be delivered Monday to Saturday and also on Sundays during the summer months. With a change of route = From West Hoe the Service is to instead operate West Hoe, Western Approach to Mayflower Street to Royal Parade instead of Walker Terrace and Citadel Road to Royal Parade.



  • Variation Accepted: Operating between Royal Parade/Station Forecourt and Royal Parade/Station Forecourt given service number 25 effective from 11-Nov-2012. To amend Route and Timetable.

Plymothian Transit Extra 25

Citybus Timetables 25


"Citybus appears to have no consideration for all the elderly people who live in Walker Terrace and Citadel Road, which includes a block of 72 flats (Chichester House) where there are many elderly people. It will mean they have to walk down the hill either on Walker Terrace or the end of Citadel Road down to the Duke of Cornwall. I am wondering if Citybus is trying to avoid taking on pensioners with bus passes and is purely interested in making money instead of providing a service?" Full letter: This is Plymouth

Plymouth Citybus 417 PL51LGU 12 February 2011 Unusual to see a double decker on the 25?


  • How many London Underground stations can you find in the picture below? Someone has made an excellent montage of a street scene filled with puns of Tube station names. Apparently there are 70 in total! Going Underground
  • with Megabus next year chalking up 10 years in the UK, the Financial Times has revealed losses at Greyhound UK of £600,000 in its latest figures, to March 2011. Omnibuses

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