10 September 2012

Westpoint 2012

The Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group (pctpg) is running a trip to Westpoint for the bus rally next Sunday, 16th September. Group members and members of the public are invited to join us. Here are the times:

Depart Milehouse (outside the Social Club) at 08:45

Via Plymouth Station and Derry’s Cross

Depart Royal Parade (stop A12) 08:50

Depart Coypool Park & Ride at 09:00

Arrive at Westpoint approximately 10:00

Depart Westpoint at 16:30

Arrive Coypool Park & Ride approximately 17:30

Arrive Royal Parade approximately 17:40

Arrive Milehouse approximately 17:45

Via Derry’s Cross and Plymouth Station

Times subject to traffic conditions. 176 “INVINCIBLE” will be used for this service.

Passengers travelling with us only pay £4.00 admission (instead of £5.00). We welcome contributions towards fuel cost’s.

Any enquiries please contact events@plymouthcitytransport.co.uk.

Plymouth Citybus 176 B176VDV
Cant believe this shot was taken 10 years ago!


  • The T-shirt slogan is the slightly risqué "I'm so easy : Give me a try!" How will First respond PR-wise? First's Ipswich manager in fake tan as medallion man? Public Transport Experience
  • a report in today’s Passenger Transport magazine confirms that First Devon & Cornwall’s 30-vehicle North Devon operation was not the only one up for sale. Its Plymouth garage was on the market, too, but a potential local buyer backed out Omnibuses
  • Expansion was the order of the day and, thanks to good marketing, additional peak journeys and cheaper fares than the slow train service, business started to grow. Public Transport Experience
  • The second of the former Brighton & Hove Tridents has been released from the confines of the Car & Commercials site in Beccles East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • Buses on this route boast leather seats on both decks, all high back with ample leg room. For your comfort and safety there are tinted windows to absorb glare, bright interior lighting for reading or working, upper and lower deck CCTV cameras with recording equipment Public Transport Experience
  • The colours clash but there’s something about this variant that breaks up the huge amount of all-over red that will be associated with double decks. College vinyls are yet to be applied and I suspect that this will ruin the clean appearance of this version. Omnibuses
  • Delaine's latest new vehicle, their third Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TL 153 AD62DBL entered service on their routes in and out of Peterborough last weekend and was one of the first buses in England to carry a new "62" registration East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • Apart from some big holes in the ground for future train stations, Crossrail also needs to dig a number of access shafts along the length of the future tunnels – and one of the largest of them can be found in Stepney Ian Visits
  • From the winter of 2005/6 until late 2010, First Hampshire operated a number of former Go Ahead Volvo Olympians on the Southampton City Services. Southern England Bus Scene

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  1. Just to let everyone know that weve been asked by the event oragnisers to provide a feeder bus service from Exeter Bus Station to the event so the timings that were previously published by Graham have been amended to:

    Depart Milehouse 09:15
    Depart Royal Parade (Derry's Cross) 09:20
    Depart Coypool 09:30
    Depart Exeter Bus Station 10:30
    Arrive Westpoint 10:50

    Depart Westpoint 16:30
    Arrive Exeter Bus Station 16:50
    Arrive Coypool 17:50
    Arrive Royal Parade 18:05
    Arrive Milehouse 18:10

    All times subject to traffic conditions.


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