22 September 2012

The Battle for Ivybridge

First have finally started to publicise their new Ivybridge service:

First Devon is introducing a brand new service 88 between Ivybridge and Plymouth from Monday 8th October.
This new service operates up to every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturday.
Serving the main estates in Ivybridge, including Cole Lane (close to Ivybridge Rail Station), so you dont have to walk far to catch your bus in Ivybridge! The journey from Cole Lane to Plymouth takes just 36 minutes. To celebrate the launch of this service we have some great value new tickets for our customers in the Ivybridge area:

New Ivybridge Day ticket launches

Thursday 20 September 2012

First Devon is launching a new value day ticket for unlimited travel anywhere between Plymouth and Ivybridge.
Only £4.00 adult or £3.50 child.

This great value new ticket is available to buy on bus from Sunday 23rd September 2012.
Simply ask your driver for a FirstDay Ivybridge ticket.

Plymouth to Ivybridge is now only £1 per journey!*

Thursday 20 September 2012

For a limited period only you can buy a 10 journey ticket for only £10!

Simply ask your driver for a 10 journey ticket available on Service X80, Service 180 (and new Service 88 which serves Ivybridge from 8th October!) But hurry! This special offer is only available for a limited time:
From 23 Sep-20 Oct on the X80 and 180 and from 8 Oct-20 Oct on our new Service 88, for journeys between Plymouth and Ivybridge.
*With a £10 journey ticket.

The full timetable for the service is yet to appear on the main timetable pages on their web site, (not even the forthcoming timetables) but they do link to a PDF timetable leaflet HERE

First 88

Its going to be very interesting to see who wins on the Ivybridge corridor. I will certainly be trying out both services ( especially while they are both so cheap).

First seem to cover more of Ivybridge itself which may give them an advantage for some passengers. Citybus start earlier in the morning which may be useful for commuters whilst First operate a a couple of later journeys which might help a few others!

Plymouth Citybus operate into Royal Parade which I cant help but feel is a better option over Bretonside Bus Station. Citybus alos win on Sundays with an hourly day time service compared with every two hours (X80).

The one thing I am puzzled about though is the lack of any mention of Lee Mill on the First timetable leaflet. The earlier published timetable did suggest it was being served?

Of course the other big question is what buses are First going to be using to tempt Ivybridge passengers to stick with them? Plymouth depot is not exactly awash with decent buses at the moment.


  • fbb wonders whether the planners of the new network have been too "clever" with complex linkings and failed to create a network simple enough for the Mrs Miggins of this world to understand. Public Transport Experience
  • Reasons for omitting a thirteenth floor include triskaidekaphobia** on the part of the building's owner or builder, or a desire by the building owner or landlord to prevent problems that may arise with superstitious tenants, occupants, or customers. Public Transport Experience
  • Up to 600 LT-class New Buses for London will enter service on and before 2016, according to TfL’s announcement yesterday. The departure from the norm regarding this batch of buses, though, is that they will be owned by TfL Omnibuses


  1. Unfortunately I fear that vehicle quality is going to be First's downfall. Even if by some miracle a handful of new or nearly new buses were sourced for the 88, linking it with the X80 and the inconsistent mish-mash of vehicles on that route will still tarnish the offering. PCB and Stagecoach are able to turn-out smart, clean, tidy buses irrespective of the vehicles' actual ages but I'm afraid First is a couple of divisions behind in that game. I do hope I'm wrong!

  2. Maybe they will use some of the North Devon buses since they will be available from the 23rd? The older ones are going to be moved to Bristol to be stored awaiting their fate.

  3. It has been reported elsewhere than FDC are keeping one O/T which had been stored in North Devon and that's it, the rest of the fleet is being transferred out. I must admit I thought that they may have held onto the Tridents and Enviros but it appears not to be the case.

  4. I passed several of the north Devon fleet on the A38 yesterday heading for Plymouth

  5. Saw 42457, 32765 and another Trident going towards Bridport yesterday,


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