12 September 2012

Eighty Eight

The registration for the new First Devon & Cornwall Ivybridge service 88 has finally appeared on VOSA:


  • Registration Accepted
  • Starting Point: Plymouth City Centre, Bretonside Bus Station
  • Finish Point: Ivybridge
  • Via: Lee Mill
  • Service Number: 88
  • Service Type: Normal Stopping
  • Effective Date: 07-OCT-2012
  • Other Details: Mondays to Saturdays except public holidays. Every 30 minutes.

I would assume that they will have full timetable etc. online shortly as I hope they will be going all out to promote the new service, especially as it starts a week after Plymouth Citybus start running their 45. If the rumours are true there could be some form of route branding for the new Citybus 45 with the 08 registered Enviros the most likely buses to be used. if this is the case then what will First use on theirs?

It is generally the norm now across First to use their new livery to promote routes, with Hampshire & Dorset being particularly creative for some of their routes. It would be good to see something similar from FDC. I just hope the repainting of 40586 into the new scheme awaiting fleet names etc. is just a coincidence!


  • Details have now come to hand regarding the allocation of fleet numbers to the recent AnglianBus arrivals. East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • the correspondent on last night’s BBC Radio 4 The Six O’Clock News said of the well-organised and executed olympics, “Even the transport network worked”. It was the use of the word “even” that implied the unexpected. Omnibuses
  • What we have done is make the network more efficient in the way we have linked up each route. Things such as rather than drivers sitting idle waiting for their next trip; that is where we have been able to find some efficiencies by linking up different services.” Public Transport Experience
  • First Devon and Cornwall have began to capitalise on the new freedom to be able to locally brand their fleet in tune with the area, the first of this being the various Cornish depots PTOTPA
  • First Southampton have been running their Millbrook Flyer for 5 or so months now. Southern England Bus Scene

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  1. Suppose the 08 EV2s are most likely to be used, seeing as they're being done in the new 2 swoops livery they'll probably try to keep the repainted ones on the route.


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