27 September 2012

Citybus Timetables: 21

Citybus 21

The current Service 21 and 22 are to be replaced with new services 21/A/B

Service 21/A will depart from the City Centre up to every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 30 minutes evenings and every 15 minutes during the day on Sundays.

From Mudge way Service 21 will operate Westfield, Chaddlewood, Sandy Road, St Maurice to Mudge Way, with the Service 21A operating St Maurice, Sandy Road, Chaddlewood, West Field to Mudge Way.
Service 21/A is to operate to the City Centre via Embankment Road and Prince Rock. In most cases it will be possible continue through to Devonport on the Service 26 which has also been retimed to improve reliability and journey options for Plympton.

Service 21B will provide additional trips in the morning and evening peak Monday to Friday and will operate from Steer Park to Chaddlewood and Westfield. From Westfield the Service will operates along Glen Road to Plymouth Road before continuing to the City Centre via Prince Rock.

VOSA: PH0000135/100 - Variation Accepted: Operating between Plymouth, Royal Parade and Steer Park, Down Road given service number 21 effective from 11-Nov-2012. To amend Route and Timetable.


Plymouth CityBus A4 Landscape Timetable

Plymouth Citybus new timetable

Plymothian Transit Extra 21


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  1. Chaddlewood are clearly the losers in this - their service has been decreased to every 20 minutes (though there is what I'd imagine to be unpopular the long way round via St Maurice).
    St Maurice benefit from a more direct route into the City Centre, and get a Sunday evening service.

    The 21B is a good idea; the 1708 departure from Steer Park is clearly coming from the 109 - they'll have to make sure they put a low floor vehicle on it as I don't think it's a duplicate and yesterday good ol' Volvo decker 187 was out on the afternoon 109 school run. With the withdrawal of the 29S I believe the B10M that did operate this has gone onto the 129 - personally I think this would be better used on the 102 as it is often very busy when I do see it. The 129 managed fine with SLFs over the past year or so - why does it suddenly need a B10M decker?

    1. Funny how Citybus don't seem so bothered with Chaddlewood now First are not there !! Time for First to bring back the number 12 I reckon every 10 mins. While they are at how about some more new First routes in areas Citybus not so bothered with... Eggbuckland/Crownhill to City and reinstate their service 11 to St Pancras.. they seem to be gig losers especially off Peak..once every 2 hours or so..evenings etc.

  2. sadly I dont think First are interested either. Unless someone buys them out I cant see them registering any extra services in Plymouth especially as they couldnt make them work last time they tried. As for evening services there are even less First buses out and about than Citybus.

    I'm not being anti-First here but there clearly isnt much money in running evenings. Citybus are trying to increse some of their services back into the evenings though in one or two areas


  3. It is a shame because i think the services that first run are in.the main very good it is just a shame there arent more of them. Even if first wanted to sell plymouth i am not sure anyone would be interested. I hope if first are not bothered anymore they secure a uyer as we need competition and first staff neef jln security


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