18 September 2012

Citybus new timetables: 5 5A

The much heralded new timetables are now being put on line by Plymouth Citybus for the new network from 11 November 2012. As pretty much every route sees some kind of change I will be looking at each route in turn over the coming week or so. In the mean time you can see the full set of timetables on the Plymouth Citybus Timetables page here.

Service 5 5A

Original proposals: Service 5/A is unchanged and will continue to provide Services to Plymstock from the City centre via Prince Rock

VOSA: PH0000135/94 - Variation Accepted: Operating between Plymouth City Centre and Plymouth City Centre given service number5/5A effective from 11-Nov-2012. To amend Timetable

New timetable:


This is pretty much unchanged apart from a few early morning variations. I think the 05:00 start above is an extra run.

Full details can be found on Plymouth Citybus 5 5A new timetable

Plymothian Transit Extra 5 5A page with previous timetables and route maps etc.

Plymouth Citybus 141 WA08LDU

More to follow…


  1. Yep, the 0500 one is an extra run. Shame how the '08' Enviros don't appear on the route anymore though this was one of the main routes in the 2009 'bus war' so x were moved from the 40/41/42 onto the 5/5A, where x = the number of buses required to run the route.

    The 5 and 5A on Sundays leaves 20 minutes earlier than at present.

    What I like about the new timetables is where there are 2 routes operating with one doing the reverse, such as the 5/5A and 40/41, is they've separated the timetables out, one a 'combined' timetable with both routes, one for the 40, and one for the 41.

    Most likely tomorrow we'll see full details/descriptions/explanations/maps etc for the routes.

  2. the only reason for that was that the underneath of the enviro's were catching on a speed bump in oreston, so to avoid further damage it was decided to swap them round for the slf's which do not ground out.

  3. Very good reason for swapping them round. I personally think the 54-plate SLFs were better suited to the 29/43Bs they were originally on though Citybus had a very good reason for swapping them round.

    And what's happened with their proposals for the 20 to continue as a 42, the 21 and 26, and the 40/41 to a 43? None of those seem to be mentioned in the timetables; have they given up on this idea?

    Not only would timetables be a bit of a headache, also would be vehicle allocations. The 20 and 42 shouldn't be a problem as they're both down as 'SPD (Ramp)' though on Saturday the 42 is down as a 'LF Double Decker', basically a B7 decker. Sundays on the 42 is again an SPD, though when the 20 was running on Sundays it was a Citaro.

    Citaros are on the 21, though the 26 even on sundays is down as a B7 decker, so this would cause a hedache.

    The 40/41 I believe are all down as an Enviro 200 though SPDs/SLFs do appear, and I can't see them wanting to put 15 year old SLFs with no ramp on the 43!

    1. You will almost certainly find the vehicle allocations will be changed for the new timetables. Could well be in for a few surprises you never know!

  4. Withdrawing the enviro’s because of a speed bump seems to me to be absolutely ridiculous. Surely the problem should have been reported (if it wasn’t) and the speed bump should be built correctly so that these buses are not damaged. Simply removing them from the service is not the solution and never will be!

    1. While I agree with you, in reality these things are never that straight forward. Even if the council were happy to remove / redesign the offending ramps it could well be months before anything happens. As its just a case of swapping bus types around then its probably not worth the hassle!
      Is the underside of an Enviro really that different to a Dart though?

  5. Indeed the vehicle allocations could well change; I'd be happy with a change from an SPD! We have been treated to 145 on the 20 today though. Could well be a few surprises!

    And as Graham says, it would most likely be months before the Council started work on the offending ramp and all they had to do was swap the Enviros from the 5/5A with the 54-plate SLFs from the 29/43B. Would be cool if they put the vehicle types on the timetables though seeing as it would only be of interest to about 5% of passengers it's probably not worth doing!

  6. A full web page detailing the changes is now online, along with a new network map.

    Also, this is an interesting bit...:

    'From Sunday 30th September we are also moving away from the flat fare structure that we introduced in April and going back to a distance based fare table. The move from the flat fare will mean that many of you will be paying less for your bus journey and importantly no one will be paying more. The furthest distance single and return will not revert back to the pre flat fare prices until the new year.'

    This is a welcome move! Short journeys are very expensive!


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