28 September 2012

Citybus doing its bit


Young people who get work through Plymouth’s new 1,000 Club will get a free ride, thanks to Citybus.

The bus company has pledged to donate a 1,000 free week passes to those young people who get placements through the 1,000 Club, which is officially launched today.

The club has been set up to encourage 1,000 businesses to give Plymouth young people a chance of sampling work – whether this is work experience, graduate internships, apprenticeships and jobs – full or part-time.

The 1,000 Club aims to make it easier for employers and young people to team up to better suit each other needs. Initially targeting bigger businesses and organisations, the club is hoping businesses will act as ambassadors and spread the word to their suppliers and contacts.

Citybus has donated 1,000 free bus passes to the first placements – either those who become apprentices or get full time work through the scheme.

Councillor Leader Tudor Evans said: "This is a really generous gesture and we’re really grateful to Citybus for their help on this. For some young people, the cost of getting to and from work is an issue, so this is a real helping hand. I am delighted that businesses and organisations are getting this behind this club. "

Richard Stevens, managing director of Plymouth Citybus said: "We’re really excited about this scheme as this is the city’s organisations and businesses way of helping the next generation who have the misfortune to be looking for work during an economically-difficult time.

"The potential of this scheme is limitless. By making it easier for companies to tap into what they need – be it an apprenticeship or part-time, they are giving 1,000 young people a real taste for life at work and a clearer idea of what companies expect from their employees."

The 1,000 Club has been set up through the Plymouth Growth Board – a partnership between business and senior public sector leaders. It aims to make sure plans to increase earning and spending power in Plymouth happen.

The Council has made employment, skills and growth a top priority and Councillor Evans is also chairing the Plan for Jobs Task Force, which will create a range of initiatives to get people into work.

Plymouth City Council

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