24 August 2012

First on holiday

A few First Devon & Cornwall buses were sent up to Weymouth to assist operations during the Olympics. Thanks to Ken Aveyard for sending in these photos he took of our buses on holiday... First Devon & Cornwall in Weymouth First Devon & Cornwall in Weymouth First Devon & Cornwall in Weymouth

One further shot of a bus which clearly wont be coming back is this smart Trident East Lancs which has received the new livery complete with the new local WESSEX fleetnames:
First Devon & Cornwall in Weymouth Surely it cant be long before we start seeing some of these in Plymouth other than just the Park & Ride batch? The Torpoint buses are long overdue repaints!


  • First Somerset & Avon operate route X1 between Bristol and Weston-super-Mare using former First Devon & Cornwall Enviro400 double deckers. Southern England Bus Scene
  • For Busbridge is operations director of coach company Buzzlines, based in Hythe, Kent and he got a special call many months ago from the organisers of the Olympic Torch Relay, asking if his company would be able to supply a pair of coaches to help transport the Olympic Flame A Transport of Delight
  • After being away from Barnstaple depot for nie on 3 years, K803 ORL has recently returned to the depot in its final weeks of operation to cover for the Tridents that had been at work on the Plymouth Park and Ride PTOTPA
  • Things move on inexorably and in October 2010 the old bus station closed to be replaced by a lavish new interchange which opened in April 2012. Public Transport Experience
  • I have often wondered why it was that First’s Sir Moir Lockhead always topped Transit’s Power 50 people of influence, leaving Sir Brian Souter to take silver. The answer was that First was bigger than Stagecoach and, in the eyes of Transit, this alone was enough to ensure the inevitable Lockhead was the no. 1 Bus Baron Omnibuses
  • The Norwich bus network is set to be given a big revamp next month, it was announced at yesterday's launch event by Norfolk’s main bus operator First. East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • Now, where do I begin with the Manx electric Railway? Perhaps with a few basic facts. Okay, it's a double-track three-foot gauge electric tramway running 17 miles from Douglas through Laxey to Ramsey along the Isle of Man's east coast, scaling heights of over 500 feet as its fleet of mainly 19th century tramcars negotiate their way through villages and along cliff edges Transport Illustrated


  1. Whenever I go up to London on the train, I have seen about 40 new, clean re-liveried First deckers parked at Reading Buses depot. At first I believed that they were for Olympics duties, but they were still there yesterday and were parked in such a neat tidy pair of blocks, that they didn't look as though they'd been used at all. Now my survey is highly unscientific, but IMHO they don't look to have turned a wheel and ought to be coming out to the provinces to earn some money.

  2. Have the Torpoint Tridents never been repainted? Blimey!

    There's 40 E400s based at Reading Buses depot for Olympic P&Rs to Eton Dorney. If they're still there, it's presumably because they'll be used for the Paralympics. As for going out to the provinces, it's been well documented that the 100 E400s will go to Manchester, the 100 Geminis will go to Leeds and the older ex-London deckers are for Glasgow. What knock-on cascades that will cause, we shall have to see.

  3. 40586 stopped for the 'more' lilac Paint Application. 42777 Next.

  4. Believe 40585/48229 went to WEY

  5. There are allso two different patterns painted on the rear end of the Buses seen at SLOUGH & ETON DORNEY suttles during Olympics ...Will confirm this with pics from SLOUGH next week during PARALYMPICS with avaailability thru my flickr.com photostream...


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