10 August 2012

Event Plug

Its not that local but then its also near enough to get a following from down this way so…

A quick plug for this Sundays rally at Brislington, Bristol. Connecting free buses run from the railway stations at Bitton (1040, 1100 and onwards), Keynsham (1045, 1105 and onwards), Bath (1115, 1215 etc) and Bristol Temple Meads (possibly 1055, 1115 and so on  at the bottom of the incline) and from stops near to Bristol Bus Station (stop Rg 1046, 1106 and so on but don't hold me to that as I haven't got the timetable!).
If anybody has any spare Bristol REs that they haven't entered please just turn up to celebrate 50 years since their production started and if you need an excuse to bring none-enthusiasts to the area then the Bristol Balloon Fiesta is running on the same weekend (http://www.bristolballoonfiesta.co.uk/).
For those coming from the South West the balloon event does make the A370 from Weston and the A4 from junction 18 on the M5 very busy, especially in the afternoon, so worth avoiding on the way back.

More Details HERE

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