20 July 2012


I am not totally sure how I have managed it but I have 'lost' the post on the new 42 route in the process of setting up part two - the 21 for tomorrow morning!

I will have to try and rewrite it tomorrow - or something very close to it as I have also lost the back up.

Dont ask me how I managed to do this as I have no idea. Clearly wasnt concentrating properly...


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  1. Luckily I already had it from your RSS feed:

    Friday, 20 July 2012 21:50
    Citybus 42
    Plymothian Transit
    Graham Richardson
    Over the coming week we will be taking a closer look at the proposed changes to Plymouth Citybus routes as advertised recently.

    Lets start with the new 42

    Service 20: Linked to service 42. Service to operate from Woodford to Mudgeway, then to the City Centre via Prince Rock. Then continue to Derriford Hospital and Tamerton Foliot on the revised service 42 route. Mon – Sat operating every 30 minutes during the day, with a limited evening service. Sun operating hourly to the City Centre and 30 minutely from City Centre to Derriford / Tamerton Foliot. Link to Ridgeway from Mudgeway reinstated.
    Service 42: Peak service will have a more direct route into the city centre. From Tamerton Foliot the service will run along Tamerton Foliot
    Road and Looseleigh Lane to Derriford, then direct to the city centre via Crownhill and Mutley Plain. An off peak service will run along Tamerton Foliot Road, via Southway to the George Junction, then via Tavistock Road to Derriford, then direct to the city centre
    Citybus have already altered the plans slightly in that The 42 between City Centre and Plympton will operate through Lipson and Laira.

    There have been comments that some parts of Plympton get a reduced service, notably the Steer Park section which seems to revert back to every 30 mins again. It wasn't that long ago that the 21 was put back into Steer Park!

    There is little detail on what the route through the City Centre will be for this combined service. This is the case for most of these changes so the devil will be in the detail. It needs to be clear which 42 you are catching especially from Royal Parade! If I read it right then the new combined 42 on Sundays will only go through to Plympton every hour whilst the other half is twice an hour?

    Other comments:

    “The new 20/42 route is fantastic - a link to the new library (currently a 10 minute walk away as the 20 stops at the Ridgeway School), an evening service (not that I'd ever really use it; if I did it would be extremely rarely), though the big thing is a Sunday service”
    “42 this looks confusing. It will go quick via Looseligh Lane to Tamerton Foliot in the peak, but via the George Hotel and Southway off peak. So good for commuters to the city centre from Tamerton Foliot but what about people wanting to get from Southway to Derriford Hospital in the peak - Target Travels 46/47 I suppose. The route will also take over the 20 and operate past the City Centre to Steer Park. The route around the back end of Plympton seems odd. I know it's trying to fill some of the 22 but Ridgeway then Hillcrest Drive then Glen Road.”


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