17 July 2012

Catch them while you can

A great shot from Jason seems to be an appropriate way to remind people that time is rapidly running out if you want to catch these stalwarts. Although most of the Citybus school services will be back for the new school year, these buses wont!
Last few days as the schools finish this week.. PLYMOUTH 1st JULY 2012 226 ©Jason Beverley 1st July 2012


  • And, of course, there are timetables for each route. Please note UK bus in general, these are NOT departure lists but slightly expurgated versions of the full published timetable Public Transport Experience
  • Ipswich Buses has attacked the current thinking that produces subtle swirls and has plumped for a deliberate assault on the senses, something that’s jagged and jangles Omnibuses


  1. just to inform u the yellow deckers are not going just yet. have it on good authority that they r staying as they hold more than lf deckers and are much more reliable!

  2. The only problem really is being so old! It doesn't bother anyone about the fact that they're not low floor, as all the schoolkids are able to get on them, and when they come on the 28B/40, they're duplicate services, so there's 2 buses operating that specific trip. They certainly turn a few heads as they make their way through Eggbuckland! Everyone on the 28B today (even a few older passengers) managed it just fine.

  3. Tom - The only reason that the school kids can get on/off fine may well be that anyone who is disabled has to make other arrangments...

    They are old and not as good on fuel as they were when they were new. Time for change

  4. I have to agree with Jared. Many passengers dont like these buses. They expect low floor buses these days so can get quite cross when these turn up.
    I still like them and they are good on the hills but they no longer belong in service and are well passed their best.

  5. Jared - must admit that never occurred to me. Good point!

    And completely contradicting to what I said yesterday - I did the 28B again today, same time, bus, grumpy driver, and an old couple who got on at the bottom of Culver Way (especially the woman) was less than impressed with the bus to say the least!

    I think from an enthusiasts point of view, I'd love them to stay, though from everyone elses, they're incredibly old, and are definitely well past their best, and it's time to move on.


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