23 July 2012

A great day on The Hoe

Well who would have thought that Sundays WNPG Rally on The Hoe would have such fantastic weather? When you get weather like that then Plymouth Hoe is the place to be. It may not be the biggest bus rally these days but there were plenty of people up on The Hoe to enjoy it and also to enjoy the free rides. I have over 200 photos on my hard drive so it will take a while to get them uploaded so this is just a quick snapshot of what was on offer:

P1100979 P1110004 P1100993 P1110003 P1110016 P1110020

P1110184 P1110220

Well done to all involved in planning and working to make sure the rally was such a success. In todays financial climate its a wonder that events like this are still able to take place at all. It was also nice to catch up with friends and finally meet a few others for the first time too.

Thanks also to Brian George for the trip up to Milehouse where many more photos were taken. More on that later!



  • Until the end of the month, Ipswich Buses and First Bus will operate in comparative harmony. To understand what happens now, and what will happen after the so-called bus war erupts into all its ultimately destructive extravagance, we need some fbb maps Public Transport Experience
  • Luckily, in 2005, I did get to deep Cornwall, and get the VRs on camera during their last big year of service Southern England Bus Scene
  • From tomorrow, the city centre will see the biggest single shake up of its buses ever, with the permanent closure to buses of a number of streets including the busy Corporation Street, the prime shopping street where at least half of Birmingham’s buses terminate. Omnibuses
  • One problem with First's web site is that Ipswich is not listed. From First's point of view it is part of Norwich! Public Transport Experience
  • Helston Depot TGP
  • A special prize goes this week to Red Funnel at Cowes, Isle of Wight for this atrocity: Public Transport Experience
  • I feel confident to say that the Weymouth bus scene has never been so busy, varied, or perhaps, young! Southern England Bus Scene

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