22 June 2012

Slow decline

We are starting to see more detail on forthcoming timetable changes that have been announced on VOSA. First now have their new forthcoming timetables available for routes 2,3,7 and 15 as from 22 July 2012. Lets start by looking this one:

2 City – Mountbatten

Early morning sees a reduction from every 10 minutes to 15 minutes before 9am when it continues every 12 minutes. There are also reductions in the evening frequency. It does seem a bit odd that the peak service is actually less frequent than the normal day time service.

FDC 2 July 2012
Compare the above with this excerpt from February 2011:
First 002 2011-02-20 M-F-1

We saw the Saturday service reduced to every 15 mins back in December 2011.

If we look back even further

6 April 2008 the current route was introduced as Buses up to every 10 minutes daytime, 30 minute evening and Sundays between City Centre. Then in August 2009 the Monday to Saturday daytime frequency changed to operate every 10 minutes during the peak periods and every 12 minutes off peak. Certain evening journeys operating Monday to Saturday and certain late afternoon Sunday journeys have also been withdrawn.


Of course its a bit unfair to single out First for service reductions when it has been happening across the board, not just here in Plymouth but pretty much everywhere else too. Sadly is pretty clear that the reductions will continue for many routes across the city.

First 69252 YJ07WFU
Sadly we dont see buses like this on the 2 anymore either.

We will look at the other First timetable changes over the weekend.

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  1. This is sad...question is though what will happen to Plymouth Citybus services in a few months time when they get overhauled?

  2. we are having timings altered to allow drivers more time to complete the route rather than racing about, therefore giving passengers a more pleaseant journey

  3. citybus drivers will always race around!


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