30 June 2012

A Right Royal Event

A CONVOY of iconic Royal Blue coaches – once de-luxe travel for long-haul destinations – is coming west this weekend when up to 15 of these vintage vehicles will revisit former routes through Devon and Cornwall. The annual run, organised by the Thames Valley & Great Western Omnibus Trust, aims to faithfully follow one of the original routes – using original timetables and drivers' instructions issued by the company. Saturday the convoy leaves Exeter Coach Station at 10am. The route will be via Dawlish, Teignmouth, Torquay (noon to 1pm) to Paignton and then via Totnes to Dartmouth arriving at approximately 2.30pm

On Sunday the run starts from Plymouth's Bretonside Bus Station at 10am. The vintage coaches then drive, via Liskeard, to Bodmin (11.30am) where they will stop briefly near the railway station.

"A highlight will be to travel over Bodmin Moor to Launceston where the coaches will pass through the Town Square and squeeze through Southgate Arch," said Colin.

This is Plymouth

Full details can be found here

Royal Blue 1299 OTT98

Hopefully the weather will hold out for some photos of a great event. I am hoping to be at Bretonside to see them off if possible.

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  1. pctpg are doing a members tour that day graham so u may see 2 of our darts down there to see the procession off


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