12 June 2012

Plymothian Olympic Dreams

Local involvement in the Olympics is very much in the news at the moment.

Not going

A SHOCK decision to deny Plymouth diver Tonia Couch a chance to dive for individual gold in the Olympics has been condemned as a slap in the face.

One school has 4 pupils taking part

Yet for one Plymouth school, four students will be taking part in the ultimate test for any sportsperson.


We know that the new Enviros First are running on the Park & Ride service are intended to be used at the Olympics. As far as I know Plymouth is the only places where these buses have been placed into service ahead of the games. Everyone else has to wait for theirs after the games. What many people have questioned was if the buses were then coming back to Plymouth after the games. It seems that up to a point this question has been answered…

A spokeswoman said yesterday: "First replaced the vehicles operating on the Plymouth Park and Ride in April this year.

"The brand new vehicles were always intended to be used during the Olympics in the summer. However, the intention is to bring these vehicles back to Plymouth once the Games are over.

"For the duration of the Olympics, First will use different vehicles on the Plymouth Park and Ride but the service will operate as normal with no impact on timetable or the capacity of the service.Customers should not notice any significant differences."

This is Plymouth

I must admit I have always thought that the buses would return to Plymouth. If we were going to be fobbed off with older buses we would have had them in the first place. It is good to see that it is still the intention to bring them back. Of course plans can change…

First 33658 SN12ADX

Elsewhere on the net

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  1. This is good news and assuming it happens hopefully means that First are still committed to operations in Plymouth !!!

  2. Those buses will not be back after Olympics I hear the pink ones are going on the park and ride

  3. 32761/2/3 are off to Weymouth. 762's already Left.


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