20 June 2012

I like Citycoach and Citycoach likes me

Facebook is now one of the main tools that bus companies can use to help them communicate with their passengers. Used properly it can be a great way of both giving out information about their services and also getting feedback and questions from their passengers. Go Ahead Group are particularly keen on using Facebook to communicate this way (and also use Twitter to great effect).

They have recently set up their own corporate page which gives occasional news items across the whole group. Its early days but the page looks smart and there is some interaction with people who have asked questions.

70  Go Ahead Group

Then we have the individual operators:

Wilts & Dorset

68  Wilts   Dorset

Southern Vectis

68  Southern Vectis   the island s buses



68  Bluestar





68  Oxford Bus Company   Official


Then we come to our local operations starting with Plymouth Citybus

68  Plymouth Citybus

finally for now we have the latest Go Ahead Group Facebook page Plymouth Citycoach

68  Plymouth Citycoach

As I said this is a very recent addition to Facebook, so Citybus clearly wanted to start getting people interested in the new page with a promotion. Over the first week or so they offered the very generous prize of a trip to the British Grand Prix with Citycoach for 2 with all who ‘liked’ their page going into a free random draw. I have to say that this is a great way to get interest in their page but then maybe I am every so slightly biased – as I was the lucky winner of the Grand Prix trip! I will of course file full report on the trip at a later date – when I come back down off cloud nine! As yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary it makes a well timed break for me and my wife – first time away on our own for over ten years!

It just goes to show that its worth keeping an eye out for these promotions. Many operators are running them with various prizes on offer, often just for simply clicking a link and entering a draw. So go on, check out your local operator on facebook and ‘like’ them – you never know they just might like you back! (and you may just see me on there as I will be popping in for publicity photos this week)

Once again thanks Citycoach!

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  1. It definitely is a great way of getting people to like their page. Congratulations on winning that competition, hope you & your wife and I hope you have a great time.

  2. "one of the main tools". I can't help thinking that bus companies would be better putting their effort into good printed material, maps etc, (see:
    which is of use to everyone, rather than spending time and fare-payers' money playing with transitory electronic "toys" which may evaporate with the changing fashions of the Youff.

  3. Well deserved, Graham. I'm sure that it was a random draw, but you've done a lot to keep us all posted on public transport happenings around Plymouth and the wider area. So, it couldn't have gone to a better bloke.

    Enjoy the treat !

  4. Random draw but friendly with Brian George???

  5. http://www.thisisplymouth.co.uk/Plymouth-Citybus-services-review-timetable-shake/story-16419136-detail/story.html

  6. Does anyone reading this Blog actually think Citycoach would give away such a valuable prize if it were not done in a fair and random manner? Just because Graham has a managerial contact at Citybus is just coincidence. Brian George spends a great deal of time helping bus enthusiasts and local bus preservationists as well a letting us all see pictures of new buses etc, via Graham's blog before they hit the streets. Good luck to you Graham I look forward to reading your report on the weekend and seeing what I hope will be many pictures.

  7. thanks for the comments everyone - I am sure some of them were tongue in cheek! For the record it wasa clearly random - I entered in my own name and account with no reference to PT and BG wasnt involved at all as far as I can see!

    Back to FBB - I do agree with you in that Facebook etc should never replace printed timetables etc, but I do feel its worth the effort using FB and Twitter IN ADDITION to the other traditional methods.

  8. Bus companies (and all other companies for that matter!) should all be looking to if they haven't already start a Facebook page. Citybus have over 5000 likes, and I bet a vast majority of those wouldn't normally look on their website, and it's a fantastic way of getting information to vast amounts of people.

    Also, apologies about that first comment - typing at half seven when I'm not properly awake isn't a good idea!

  9. Congrats Graham


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