25 June 2012

Chatter bus

984Plymouth Citybus hope its 'chatter bus' – converted by a team of engineers based at the Milehouse depot – will act as a mobile information centre which will allow staff to meet with passengers and share thoughts on future route changes.
Richard Stevens, managing director of Plymouth Citybus said: "The newly branded 'chatter bus' is part of our agenda going forward to be more proactive in hearing what our customers want form their local bus company, Plymouth Citybus.

"I am sure the 'chatter bus' will be a success, with the public being able to book the bus to visit their community and discuss the community's public transport needs with Citybus staff."

The 'chatter bus' will make its first public consultation appearance on the June 28 outside the Guildhall, just off Royal Parade, which is the main bus stop area in the city centre. The event is being organised by Bus Uses UK and allows the people of Plymouth to voice their opinions on bus services in the local area directly to the people who run the services. Alongside Plymouth Citybus, the event will also be attended by First Devon & Cornwall, Western Greyhound, Stagecoach South West, Target Travel and representatives from Plymouth City Council

This is Plymouth

Plymouth Citybus Chatter Bus Plymouth Citybus Chatter Bus Plymouth Citybus Chatter Bus
©Brian George (Taken with Blackberry)

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  1. Of all the buses they could have used, they chose 216!

  2. well, it was spare and it is dual door so seems to be the ideal choice to me.

  3. This is 214 as 215 and 216 are trainers

  4. wots wrong with 214?

  5. 214 never had the power that 215 and 216 had.

  6. They converted it to show people new routes and timetables not to enter a Grand Prix. Jesus!

  7. ""They converted it to show people new routes and timetables not to enter a Grand Prix. Jesus!""

    Absolutely Fantastic !!!!!

  8. its a chatter bus! it's not exactly gonna go racing round anywhere is it!!

  9. Chatterbus to visit Ivybridge... I would say that suggests a Citybus service to Ivybridge in September ???

    What will/can First do in retaliation???


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