17 May 2012


A long time follower of Plymothian Transit, Piran Smith has sent me photos of Plymouth Citybus Dart 63, or at least the advert on the side of Dart 63:


Plymouth Airport is Viable:

We're out petitioning every Saturday by the main entrance of Drake Circus, and have so far collected a staggering 17,500 signatures in support of the airport over just a few weeks.
But we aren't just a campaign group though, we're a fully fledged company with a business plan and master plan for how we intend to run the airport, VIABLE is extremely confident that we will have the airport up and running, with our own airline in the next 6 - 12months, the Council, in particular, Tudor Evans is very keen and interested in seeing our plans come to fruition and we are working very close with them as we speak

www,viable.org.uk  for more details

You can also follow them on their Facebook Page

Sorry - time has been very limited this week so I have a massive backlog of online reading to catch up on. (Google Reader showing 1000+ ) Links to follow soon...


  1. 17,500 signatures? How many of them would be regular users of the arport? Having used the airport on several ocassions over the last few years my only comments are the cost of air travel is prohibitive and the ridiculous check in times do not help to reduce the overall travel times. I find it difficult to beleive that having been closed the airport will ever return. I wish the team well with their bit, but I cannot see a long term future for the air port.

  2. Fantastic to see it posted on this blog.

    Anoy (17 May 2012 08:36)

    Sorry but your opinion is not one that is universally shared. The airport is needed in Plymouth, it bought in 20million worth of investment into the city every year, that figure was rising.

    Lets not forget that there are other factors at play here except from passengers. The airport was used by the Military and emergency services, without that airport, Derriford has issue with transplants, there were numerous transplant flight and SAR flights each year which are no longer possible and some Air Ambulance's now refuse to use Derriford because of the lack of airport/fuel.

    I'm sure if you went into town with these folk on 1 Saturday, you'd soon realise the following that there is for an airport in Plymouth.

    I have done it with them on several occasions, people aren't just signing for the sake of it, people of Plymouth want an airport and have said to me (Almost everyone of them when asked the question) that they would use it when it reopens.

    We are all entitled to our opinions ocourse and I respect that, but it is dis-heartening to hear opinions like Anon's when you are aware of the extreme effort that is going on behind the scenes.

  3. Thanks for posting this Graham :)


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